We are an independent NIS2READY alliance

Cyber security is of key importance for companies and the public sector for economic, legal and reputational reasons. The NIS2 Directive introduces the personal responsibility of executives, reinforcing this importance. As an alliance, we try to respond to the complexity of the issues and the uncertainty they can cause responsible people feel when looking for high-quality and cost-effective solutions for the cyber security of companies. 

Our goals

Increasing awareness and information about the NIS2 and nZKB directive

This goal is of public benefit.
We do it free of charge.

Individual assistance to companies with cyber security solutions

A paid service to which, however
we help to get funding from EU subsidies.

Our members

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Memorandum of Alliance

Our alliance was created by connecting several companies sharing conviction, that cyber security is extremely importantand NIS2/nZKB they represent a step in the right direction. Our goal is to help. 

Ours knowledge we share in an understandable way,we raise awarenessthe public about this issue andwe fight misinformation. 

Our goal is to provideforced quality to clientsprofessional services at optimal prices and really help them that way prepare for the challenges of implementing NIS2/nZKB. 

Our alliance is fully independent anddoes not force clients to exclusively use its products and servicesandch members. We will be happy to work with your existing suppliers. 

Media contacts

We regularly create content to raise awareness of nZKB/NIS2 and prevent the spread of misinformation about this topic.  

We can provide a whole range of experts from the legal, procedural, technical and subsidy fields. 
Need help answering questions for articles or reports? Contact us. 


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