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Profesionál u počítače, symbolizující spolupráci v oblasti kybernetické bezpečnosti v rámci aliance. Průzkum plnění NIS2 a iniciativ nZKB pro silnou digitální bezpečnost.

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What is NIS2 in brief?

NIS2 is a European legal framework that emphasizes increasing cyber security in organizations. It obliges EU member states protect your information and cyber infrastructure from threats introductionm security measures, monitoringm incidents and cooperation with cyber authorities. NIS2 is key for correct setting a maintaining digital security. 

NIS2 will be implemented in the Czech environment with helpandand of the new Cyber Security Act, which should take effect in Q3 2024. 

Download the PDF version of the NIS2 guideline

Who does the NIS2 regulation apply to?

Odvětví směrnice NIS2

Companies that provide a service in at least one of the sectors defined by the directive,

Počet zaměstnanců dle směrnice NIS2

they employ
50 or more employees,


Obrat dle směrnice NIS2

achieve an annual turnover of at least EUR 10 million (approx. 250 million crowns), or balance sheet amounts.

Basic obligations according to the NIS2 directive

Audit IT bezpečnosti pro NIS2
Audit IT bezpečnosti pro NIS2

Independent audit of IT security

To comply with s nZKB/NIS 2 you need to identify the weaknesses of your IT environment. You achieve this through GAP analysis, ISMS (Information Security Management System) policy analysis, asset and risk analysis and graduating penetration tests. The audit must be carried out by an independent auditor and its results documented. 

Implementace opatření pro NIS2

Implementation of security measures

Set a good one risk management strategy and make the necessary technical adjustments for ensuring safe the functioning of the company. This includes the preparation of contracts, the implementation of tenders and training managementat and employeeat. Implementation is followed by a re-audit of the ISMS and quality assurance for authorization harmonyat with safety standards. 

Implementace opatření pro NIS2
Řízení bezpečnosti pro NIS2
Řízení bezpečnosti pro NIS2

Long-term management of the security system

For the long-term management of the security system is need to manage ISMS and SOC (Cyber Security Oversight Center). Monitor and update regularly safetyCh measure and respond in time on current threats and eventi. This is the only way to keep your company safe in accordance with nZKB and NIS2. 

Komunikace s NÚKIB pro NIS2

Communication with the NÚKIB and CSIRT team

Companies have an obligation inform about all of them security NÚKIB incidents and their CSIRT team. Cooperation with NÚKIB and CSIRT it is key to protecting cyberspace and ensuring collective security. 

Komunikace s NÚKIB pro NIS2

Sanctions for non-compliance with nZKB/NIS2 guidelines

Finanční pokuta dle NIS2

A financial penalty of up to €10,000,000
(or 2 % of world turnover)

Nefinanční pokuta dle NIS

Disqualification from the post of statutory officer
or suspension of cybersecurity certification


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