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Subsidy options for preparation for NIS2/nZKB

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Join us for an informal discussion on how to smartly use European subsidies to strengthen the cyber security of your company, public organization or healthcare facility. We advise you how to prepare a quality application for support and which subsidy program is appropriate to choose. Join us and together we will discover ways to raise the necessary funds! In addition to information about subsidies, we also summarize basic information about the new regulation of cyber security. Learn how to find out if the regulation applies to you at all. If you find out that it is, you will also get a basic overview of what and when you will need to insure

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Basic data

🖥️ Hybrid event (online and offline)
📍 CISCO Prague + Webex
📅 11/1/2024
🕤 09:00 – 13:00

What you will learn at the event:

  • what private and public entities can draw subsidies for,
  • what all needs to be prepared in order to receive a grant,
  • what costs can be included in the subsidy,
  • who is affected by cybersecurity regulation,
  • what obligations we have to fulfill
  • answers to your questions.


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Legal and procedural implications of NIS2/nZKB

🖥️ Hybrid event (online and offline)
📍 CISCO Prague + Webex
📅 24/1/2024
🕤 09:00 – 13:00

🚀 Prepare for the legal implications of NIS2/nZKB with us. #guidelines #audit #self-determination #Law